Stuck on the Ground? 5 No-Jump Day Adventures at Skydive Kapowsin

You’ve been waiting for this day for months; your rooms are reserved in town, you’ve talked yourself out, then in, then out of it again, and today’s finally the day. You’re going skydiving. 

Skydive Kapowsin is one of the coolest businesses around—free falling from up to 13,000 feet over the verdant Olympic Peninsula has got to be a top bucket list item. Top it off with the fact that their instructors are some of the best in the biz, and you’ll be wondering what took you so long.

And then…the weather takes a turn for the worst and you’re left wondering what to do after you reschedule. The good news: There’s a host of incredible activities just down the street! 

1. Hoodsport: Visit Staircase Rapids in Olympic National Park

 Don't forget your floatie!

Don't forget your floatie!

Staircase Rapids on the Skokomish River are a bubbling, tumbling, beautiful excuse to take a hike. At just four miles round trip from Staircase Campground near Lake Cushman, it’s easy to get to and the perfect pre-wine tasting activity. 

This family-friendly hike traverses alongside the river, weaving its way through Olympic National Park. And, chances are, if you’ve been rained out of skydiving, that means that the forest will be an explosion of verdant, green woods to explore. Note: you’ll need to pay $25 for a day pass.

Nearby Lodging: Lake Cushman Resort

2. Union: Check out the longest fjord in the United States at Twanoh State Park


With a number of gentle, meandering trails that travel along Twanoh Creek and excellent manila clam and oyster hunting, there’s sure to be something to delight each member of your crew at Twanoh State Park.

Towering cedar and maple trees abound and sword ferns line the easy trail as intermittent views of Hood Canal can be caught through the madronas and rhododendron. Take a moment to gaze up and look for notches in the trees—they’re a logging tactic left behind from the 1800’s before the area was designated as a state park.

Nearby Lodging: Robin Hood Village Resort

3. Belfair: Taste your way along Hood Canal

 Mason County is one of Washington's most prolific growers.

Mason County is one of Washington's most prolific growers.

Beer, wine, organic and locally grown marijuana: check, check, check! Did you hear? Belfair has a new brewery in town—and people are loving it. Smack in the middle of town, and now a hub for good food and gathering, Bent Bine Brew Co. is a family owned business and strives to source all of their hops locally. Win!

Once you’re fed, swing by Mosquito Fleet Winery. Their quiet, cozy tasting room is a perfect setting for great conversation and taking the time to appreciate the complexities of their deep reds. Don’t skip the port wine in the chocolate cup!

Finally, end a perfect day with a visit to one of the many friendly, local craft marijuana shops in town. Each serves up a unique experience, and we find that Root Cellar’s budtenders are friendly, knowledgeable and super patient with those who may have many, many questions.

Nearby Lodging: Selah Inn Bed & Breakfast

4. Shelton: Race Go Karts at The Ridge Motorsports Park

 What's your course record?

What's your course record?

If you haven’t yet checked out the high-speed go-karts at The Ridge, then you’re in for an unexpected treat. These little vehicles are capable of impressively high speeds—you’re sure to get bonus points if you can master the complete drift around the first sweeping turn. After each 12 minute session, run back to the lobby to check your score against your buds. Let the bragging and smack talk ensue.

Nearby Lodging: A Lighthouse on Hammersley Bed & Breakfast

5. Allyn/Grapeview: Rent a sea kayak at North Bay Kayak & Cones

 Can you spot the seal?

Can you spot the seal?

If it’s too cold for skydiving, you can bet that the wildlife will be more active. On a misty, chilly afternoon, bundle up, rent a kayak and hit Hood Canal–you might see sea lions, jellyfish, bald eagles, great blue herons, or even orcas! 

Then, if you’re feeling extra brave (and unaffected by the inclement weather) try some of Olympic Mountain Ice Cream’s famous geoduck ice cream…yes, you read that right…it has bits of real geoduck in it! Talk about an authentic experience. 

Nearby Lodging: Allyn House Inn

So, while you might not get the high-flying adrenaline pumped into your day, there are myriad ways to supplement an unexpected no-jump day. For more ideas and up to date information on local events and festivals, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.