Hello, I'm Shuck the Oyster!

Have you ever woken up in the soft, misty morning light with Hood Canal lapping at your front doorstep? The pink sherbet light reflecting off of the water and turning your world a soft pink? Mmm, that’s my favorite. It could be because I’m an oyster, but I have a feeling humans dig it too.

I’m Shuck the Oyster, and Hood Canal is my favorite place. Period. It’s probably the greatest place on earth. But you don’t have to take my word for it—there are countless other Kumamoto Oysters that will tell you the same thing. Or Totten Virginicas—one of the world’s most sought-after oyster species—they feel the same way. Need human affirmation? Just ask my buds at Hama Hama Oysters or Taylor Shellfish Farms!

I also love tromping around the Olympic National Park in my Converse…

I also love tromping around the Olympic National Park in my Converse…


I’m happy to meet you!

Truth be told, I’m not a real Kumamoto Oyster—you couldn’t pick me off the shore, shuck, and eat me on the spot at Lilliwaup State Park. That’s good for me, bad for you. But the story about how I came to be is pretty cool.


The making of…

What's underneath my shell and all of this charm!

And voila! Turns out I’m a product of painstaking patience, foam, paper mâché, and pure creative grit.


The tracks I’ve made

I’m lucky—I’m mobile! My crustaceous comrades are pretty planted where they lie—Kumamoto Oysters (Crassostrea sikamea) are happiest in shallow salty waters called beds or reefs. We are among the most popular species harvested in the world, our only major rival being the Eastern American oyster. That’s pretty cool.

I'm a pretty photogenic oyster.

I'm a pretty photogenic oyster.

Since I’ve started making tracks, I’ve visited some of the humans’ favorite Hood Canal haunts. Highlights so far: Alderbrook Resort & Spa, Alderbrook Golf Course, and the Hood Canal Marina. Did you hear I also was an honored guest at Hama Hama Oyster Rama this year? That was tops. Search #ShucktheOyster on Instagram to see me in action!


Where I’m headed

I’m a traveling oyster! I always attend the coolest events in Hood Canal. We should coordinate our schedules! Be sure to mark your calendars for The Geoduck FestivalTaste of Hood Canal, and Oysterfest. It's never too early to start planning!

Between those events, I’ll be posting every so often on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Holler at me! Oh, and if you have any questions about Hood Canal or about oysters—not to brag, but I’m kind of an expert, and I’m also kind of funny—hit me up!

Scratch that…I'm hilarious!