4 Traditions to Start for Father's Day Near Union, WA

A grill? A big screen television? A round at the local golf course? We’re over here scratching our heads over what the man of the hour really wants for his big day. 

Somehow the holidays with the kitschiest advertising ploys always seem to be the hardest to buy for. Flowers for mom on Mother’s Day, chocolates for your lady on Valentine’s Day, and new tool for Dad on Father’s Day just seem to fall short. When we burrow down to the core of holidays like these—when we really dissect Father’s Day—the similar note that ties the best memories together are just that: memories.

On that note, our goal for Father’s Day this year: start a new tradition!

Skim our top four suggestions for Father’s Day Traditions, grab Dad and a six pack, and celebrate on the wild side of Washington.

Lock up brunch reservations at Alderbrook Resort & Spa!

Lock up brunch reservations at Alderbrook Resort & Spa!


1. Savor Brunch in Union, WA

Okay, we concede that brunch isn’t an incredibly original idea for any of the aforementioned holidays. However, when you get an eyeful of the mouth-watering bounty that’s uniquely Alderbrook’s, you’ll be thinking twice about the homemade eggs benedict you were going to attempt.

Be sure to lock up a reservation—they go quickly!


2. Take Dad to Olympic National Park

The National Park Service is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year, and The Olympic National Park is just beyond Alderbrook’s backdoor. A tangle of trails is accessible from the beautiful-in-itself Staircase Campground. Join in the birthday celebrations of the country’s best playgrounds by taking Dad on a one-on-one hike.

With a variety of hikes spanning from a leisurely walk on the Staircase Rapids Loop Trail to the 12.7-mile North Fork Skokomish Trail, the ideal adventure awaits. Peruse the full list; pick your poison!



3. Get a Shot of Adrenaline at Lake Cushman

Perched semi-inconspicuously along your route from Alderbrook to Staircase Campground is the infamous Big Rock at Lake Cushman. It’s notoriously one of Washington’s most famous cliff jumping spots, and with a maximum fall of just around 17 feet, it’s enough of a thrill for you, and not too scary for any younger ones in tow.

While it’s quite a popular jump rock, be sure to remain acutely aware of any potential hazards, and take all of the necessary safety precautions. If executed properly, a quick hop off of the Big Rock can be the start of a thrilling Father’s Day Tradition.



4. Rent a Skiff, Go Crabbing in Hood Canal

Trust us, it’s easier than you think! There’s hardly anything that rivals a fresh seafood catch, and that’s especially true if you do the grunt work yourself. Although typically, crabbing season opens closer to the beginning of July, the season opened on June 15 in 2015, and signs point to a similar inaugural crabbing date this year. Keep up on the up-to-date information on the WA Fish and Wildlife website.

Kayak Brinnon, just north of Hoodsport, offers kayak rentals with kayak-compatible crab pots, buoys, lines, and a wealth of pointers. The rugged Olympic Mountains over your shoulder, and the Hood Canal lapping the side of your kayak set the scene for a quiet and relaxing start to a tradition with Dad. 


We emphatically wish your dad a happy Father’s Day and look forward to seeing the new traditions that rose to the top! Tag your photos #wildsideWA for a chance to be reposted and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more!