Travel Photography with Andrew Kearns

If there’s someone who lives his dream, it’s Andrew Kearns. Though he calls Washington State his home, his images and videos reflect a life that’s lived in the pursuit of his passion. He’s traveled the world working for brands like Danner, airbnb, Sony, and Toms, and still asserts that Hood Canal is one of his favorite places to shoot.

Andrew's craft is unique: he has a knack for capturing both the essence of a place and a person simultaneously. He's a master at setting a mood, which, you'll find, is usually dreamy and ephemeral with a touch of mystery. "I’d say I find inspiration in people rather than places/photos," he says. "[Photographing] people is hard work and create a drive to do bigger things and work harder, pushing my limits and comfort." 

We got a chance to catch up with Andrew for a little Q & A so you can get to know this master of photography. But first, check out his Vlog. It's awesome.


Meet Andrew Kearns

What makes shooting around Hoodsport, Lake Cushman, and in Olympic National Park special?

It has so much to offer! I’ve explored coastal areas like Union and Hoodsport, forests, mountains, snow, lakes, and all the towns in between. I love it here.


What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best as a photographer?

I use a Canon 5diii, with either a 24-70ii lens, or a Sigma 35 Art. I use Lightroom to edit. 


Which photographers most influence your work?

My good friend Sam Elkins is one of my biggest inspirations. Others include Alex Strohl, Jared Chambers, and Forrest Mankins. There are way too many to name.


What is your favorite place to shoot around Hood Canal?

I like Lake Cushman and there's a hike nearby that brings you to the top of Mount Ellinor. It is amazing. I hiked it at sunrise one time—it was unreal.


What is it you want to say with your photographs?

I want to share my life, my outings, and my travels. I want to look back and be stoked on the life I've lived and the adventures I've had as I reminisce about all that had happened. 


What advice do you have to offer to new photographers attempting to become professional photographers?

If you know your limit, you're doing it wrong. Push your limits further. Take risks, and put yourself in situations where you have no choice but to succeed, and you'll be astounded at what you're capable of.

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