3 Reasons to Attend The Geoduck Festival & Allyn Days

If you clicked on this post simply because you have no idea what a geoduck is, allow us introduce you.

Fact: Pronounced gooey-duck

Fact: It’s the largest intertidal clam, and can weigh up to 13 lbs.

Fact: It’s one of the longest living mollusks, and can live as many as 140 years

Fact: It’s absolutely delicious, and widely considered a delicacy

Fact: It’s the star of the show at Allyn Days 2016

Taylor Shellfish Farms harvests two large geoducks 

Taylor Shellfish Farms harvests two large geoducks 


Don’t Miss it in Allyn, WA


WHEN: JULY 15, 16, 17




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1.      You get to try geoduck

Looks weird, tastes so good. The neck meat of a geoduck has a surprisingly mild flavor and packs a crunch like a cucumber while the body has a subtle flavor all its own.

During the festival, there will be three nearby restaurants in Allyn offering tastings. Get a ticket at the event to try them all! 



 2.     The Mud Run

Sign up for the annual low tide Mud Run on the tideflats. The 250-yard course (twice as long as a football field) is a slimy, dirty battlefield. Prizes are awarded to category winners and it’s FREE to sign up.


3.     Open Mic

The open mic night kicks of the weekend festivities on Friday at 5:30. Singers, dancers, poets, comedians, and the like are welcome to participate—as long as you’re under 21. Feel like stealing the spotlight or goading your kid into it? Sign up for a slot on the Allyn Days website.


The cherry on top? An Elvis impersonator that calls himself “The Elvis Illusion.” He’s seriously the real deal. (How many Elvis impersonators have you seen that aren’t wearing a corny wig?)



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