Oyster Rama a Spring Tide Festival

Each year Hama Hama invites their fans to celebrate on their beach and learn about oysters and creatures, aquatic and others, that call Hood Canal home.  As they profess, it's not the not the biggest party in the world, but it might be the largest subtidal celebration!

“We started the event to get people excited about oyster culture,” said Lissa James Monberg, 4th generation oyster farmer and in charge of Hama Hama’s retail and marketing, “we want people who live in this region to know how to harvest and prepare shellfish, know the history of the industry, and learn about the ecology of the intertidal area.”

It’s a simple formula. The freshest seafood.  Passionate oyster lovers coming from near and far. A fantastic location with ever-changing views.  All with the Hama Hama mission to create a good experience.

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“Plus,” continued Lissa, “we just wanted to have fun on the beach with all our favorite people, and raise money for the local school.” The Rama highlights include tours with intertidal ecologists and oyster growers; u-pick gathering of oysters and clams;  and an engaging and exciting oyster sports competition they fondly termed the “Shuckathalon.” 

Add some great food and beverage; invite some chefs who really know their seafood; toss in some kid’s activities; and don’t forget the music – you’ve got an intertidal party to remember. To top it off, all this fun family revelry is for a great cause – the Rama benefits a variety of Hood Canal charities.

The sun doesn’t have to shine for the Rama to be memorable. Previous years have chanced upon relentless rain or westerly gales that have toppled tents and watered down beer.  In a previous year, during a spring storm, the intertidal easter bunny scattered 1,000’s of eggs on the shore. Amidst rain and wind, young Rama fans clamored amongst the dulse and driftwood searching for brightly colored prizes. Many attendees claimed that the inclement weather added to the experience and the Olympic Mountain Ice cream tasted just as wonderful.



The 2017 Rama saw rain showers – while 2016 and 2018 sported sunburns, orcas, and a show of Northern Lights. We all look forward to seeing what adventures the 2019 Rama has to offer.

Want to know more about the bivalves and the creatures they share their habitat with?  Than don’t miss the chance to join biologists and local guides for a guided tour of the tide flats.

Hama Rama Beach Tours

During the Rama, walks will take place on the Hama Hama farmlands as the tide falls to its lowest. The tours allow families and individuals the opportunity to flip rocks (and flip back again) and ask questions about the marine low tide interactions. 

After a beach tour, visitors can learn more about the animals and organisms by checking out the marine touch tank displays. Offered by MESS (Marine Education Science Society), these mobile aquarium displays are a perfect way to see the creatures beneath the surface with the least amount of impact on their habitat. The animals are returned alive to the water after observation. 

The Hama Hama Oyster Rama is scheduled for the “best” daytime Saturday tide for beach walks and celebration during key hours… so understandably, the dates change each year. You can predict when it will happen by closely examining a Hood Canal tide chart… or just keep an eye on the Hama Hama Oyster Co website. Be sure to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale as they limit number of tickets to provide the best opportunities for attending – but the downside is they always sell out in advance! See you on the tide flats!